<Aqua Therm Kyiv> 2019
Posted by 23.05.2019

📌In 2019, modernized reinforced concrete plants with a capacity from 1.5 to 12 m³ / day were put into production, which can be used to retrofit existing concrete tanks and septic tanks under the “BIOTAL” technology.

📌New control units of monoblock plants “BIOTAL” have a modern informative display, as well as new opportunities in the field of plant dispatching. Transparency sensors can be connected to the control units to monitor the quality of purified water, as well as oxygen concentration sensors, with which you can adjust the operation of the BIOTAL units in order to save energy.

📌Installations with a capacity from 16 to 2400 m³ / day are equipped with new biofilters and roots-type blowers that consume significantly less electricity and produce less noise than centrifugal blowers.

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