Double-module reinforced concrete treatment plants

BIOTAL 2BT – BIOTAL wastewater treatment




Double-module BIOTAL plants of reinforced concrete modification are designed for deep biological treatment of domestic sewage with a volume from 40 to 2400 m³/day.

Installation features

The equipment is installed in an underground reinforced concrete tank, divided into cleaning zones. Blower room is located above the underground tank, or next to the tank at a distance of no more than 20 meters. With a high level of groundwater, it is possible to place the reservoir in a semi-cavity – semi-nest. The building part of the plant should be built in accordance with the project agreed with the technical department of LLC UKRBIOTAL. Sanitary protection zone for plants with capacity from 10 to 25 m³/day – 5 m, for plants with capacity from 30 to 200 m³/day – 25 m, for plants with capacity from 250 to 500 m³/day – 35 m. For plants of more than 500 m³/day sanitary protection zone is adopted in accordance with the requirements of DBN B.2.5-75: 2013 “Sewerage: External networks and structures”.

Please note! The warranty period for BIOTAL plants is 5 years, for the control unit and blowers – 3 years, for pumping equipment – 2 years.


  • Stainless grid for coarse impurities detention
    Detention of coarse impurities at the BIOTAL plant takes place in a large stainless grid with two-sided air bubbling and a fixed cover.
  • Siphon airlift
    A device designed to transfer treated sewage into a biofilter-tertiary settler, the design of which prevents entering of surface contaminants to the next cleaning zone.
  • Biological filter
    Self-cleaning biological filter provides post-treatment of waste water, and also works as a thin-layer settler.
  • Water level sensor
    Is designed for the timely delivery of signals to the automation of the plant, which in turn automatically switches the system into one of 7 programs, which saves up to 70% of electricity.
  • UV disinfection
    The ultraviolet water disinfection unit is equipped with a lamp with radiation in the UV-C range with a wavelength of 254 nm.
  • Aerator
    The aerator is made of PUR membrane with laser perforation, provides small-bubble aeration of waste water, which allows to increase the efficiency of saturation of sewage with oxygen, and also improves the absorption properties of bacteria of activated sludge.
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