Author of the technology

Author of the BIOTAL technology, Dr. Alexander Teterja, Academician – was born in Ukraine in Zvenigorodka, Cherkasy region. He graduated the Ukrainian Institute of Water Resources Engineers. He worked as head of the laboratory of the Department of Sanitation of the Institute. He defended his dissertation at the Kiev National University of Engineering and Architecture. He has a number of publications in scientific and technical editions.







Since 1993 lives in Czech Republic, a citizen of Czech Republic. Founder of companies producing BIOTAL plants in: Ukraine (LLC UKRBIOTAL), Czech Republic (BIOTAL CZ s.r.o.) and Bulgaria (BIOTAL BULGARIA). Diplomant of the International Academic Rating of popularity and quality “Golden Fortune”, was awarded with a silver medal “Independence of Ukraine” in nomination “For the creation and improvement of scientific and practical methods of controlling against environment pollution” (07.11.2002). Dr. Alexander Teterja was awarded with insignia of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, “HONORARY Cross” for his significant contribution into development of Ukraine (30.05.2004). In 2005, Dr. Alexander Teterja was awarded with a gold medal and a certificate of “Gold” member of the 96th International Salon of Inventions, “Lepine Contest” (Paris) for the creation of biological wastewater treatment plants BIOTAL (22.05.2005).

Another gold medal and special prize of the Korean association of inventors for a high level of BIOTAL technology brought its inventor, the system of biological wastewater treatment BIOTAL at the 34th International Salon of inventions, new techniques and technologies in Geneva (5-9.04.2006). On April 10, 2008, Dr. Alexander Teterja was awarded with the medal “National business leader,” and another Diploma of the International Academic Rating of popularity “Golden Fortune”. The Supreme Environmental Council of the State Duma of Federal Assembly of Russian Federation in January 2010 awarded technology BIOTAL author, Dr. Alexander Teterja with Order “Diamond Dew” for his contribution to the greening of society, environmental security and nature conservation. In January, 2012 at a meeting of the Presidium of the Ukrainian Technological Academy, author of BIOTAL technology Alexander Teterja was elected as a member of the Academy – he was given the title of Academician. On February 10, 2017, by the decision of the Presidium of the Ukrainian Technological Academy, Alexander Teterja, author of BIOTAL technology, was awarded with the Order of the Golden Star of Glory for outstanding achievements in scientific and technical activities

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