Questions and answers for design planners

What should be the distance from the monoblock plant to the air blower room?

  • If possible, the distance should be minimized, to avoid loss of air pressure. If the electrical equipment will be placed in a residential building, it is necessary to consider that the monoblock plant BIOTAL sanitary protection zone is 5 m. In the case, if nearby the plant there is no existing building for placing the compressor, you can either build special light construction of the sandwich panels, or purchase box-recuperator.

How to choose the capacity of the plant for the petrol station?

  • From the experience of the sewage treatment plants of the petrol stations operating, we recommend that when calculating the flow rate, not only the employees of the petrol station, but also the customers who use sanitary devices should be taken into account. The minimum waste flow rate must be at least 3 m³/day. Since such objects are characterized by a large uneven flow of wastewater, it is necessary to provide a sewage well with a submersible pump before the BIOTAL plant, which will supply sewage to the plant. The feed pump is connected to the control unit of the BIOTAL plant, which makes it possible to shut off the supply pump at the maximum water level in the plant and prevent its flooding.

At what distance can the BIOTAL plant be placed from the gas supply pipe?

  • Placement of the plant regarding existing underground utilities is regulated by building regulations, namely, DBN 360-92*.

How to choose the right pumps for treated water pumping?

  • In order to determine the parameters of the pumps for purified water pumping, it is necessary to know the daily capacity of the BIOTAL plant, the mark of the surface of the ground near the plant and at the point where the purified water is discharged, and the length of the pressure pipelines. The pump discharge flow can be determined by dividing the daily flow rate of the plant by the number of operating cycles per day (10 cycles). For example, the flow rate of the purified water pump of the BIOTAL-50 plant with a capacity of 50 m³/day will be equal to 5 m³/day. The pump pressure is determined by hydraulic calculation in accordance with the initial data. To increase the reliability of the plant, it is necessary to provide a reserve pump for pumping the treated water. Pumps should be equipped with floats that control the switching on and off of pumps.

How to determine how much space drain will take?

  • To determine the size of drainage, it is necessary to conduct engineering and geological surveys of the site of treatment facilities. The drainage area will depend on the soil filtration coefficient. As a drain, sand-gravel filters can be used (at the expense of treatment facilities up to 20 m³/day) or modern drainage systems, for example “Stormbox”.

We need to purchase a plant for an office building. How to choose the right capacity?

  • Plant capacity in this case should be calculated on the basis of the norms SNiP 2.04.01-85 “Domestic water supply and sanitation.”

How do you know that industrial wastewater is to be cleaned using BIOTAL technology?

  • You must send to the UKRBIOTAL LLC analysis of wastewater, which is supposed to be cleaned, besides sure to specify what is the production and which way of water utilization is provided for the project.

Are metal staples used to support the reinforced concrete part?

  • In the ferro-concrete part for BIOTAL plants metal staples are not used. In general, during the construction of ferroconcrete part for our plants you should pay particular attention to waterproofing ensure, both external and internal.

What should be the ceiling height in the blower room for a monoblock plant?

  • The height of the ceiling in the blower room should be approximately 2.5 m for ease of maintenance.

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