A comprehensive treatment for petrol stations.

A comprehensive treatment of municipal, rain and waste water at petrol stations. Household and rain wastewater treatment at petrol stations separately is a serious problem, as it requires a separate treatment systems using sorbents (at cleaning rain water from petroleum products), or coagulates. Because of the need of resettlement of three independent treatment systems, periodic replacement of sorbents and the constant replenishment of expensive coagulants, the issue of channeling petrol stations are not connected to central sewage systems, comprehensive is almost nowhere to be resolved. Existing septic tanks usually have holes in the walls, through which untreated waste water seeps into the soil, contaminating aquifers. Rainwater, in the first 20 minutes of rain gathered from the territory of the petrol station, according to SNiP 2.04.03.-85 is considered to be waste and requires removal by sewage disposals motor vehicle to the treatment plant (in the absence of local water treatment plants). Virtually none of these waste water treatment plants are not exporting. Such waste water, according to the degree of contamination approaching the household remain in the rain water inlets until the next rain, at which flows and gets into the groundwater, contaminating aquifers.

System “BIOTAL-AUTO” of comprehensive waste water treatment (household, rain) of petrol station with capacity less than 25 m3/day 1 – the rain water inflow; 2 – the split-pit sand trap; 3 – contaminated rainwater runoff (20 minutes of rain); 4 – receiving tank of contaminated rainwater; 5 – conditionally clean rainfall; 6 – rain water transfer pump into the receiving chamber of biological wastewater treatment plant BIOTAL (7); 8 – the inflow of domestic sewage; 9 – sludge tank; 10 – supply of sodium hypochlorite solution; 11 – collecting well of cleaned and disinfected wastewater; 12 – discharge of treated wastewater into a watercourse, drainage or reuse. The proposed scheme with using the system BIOTAL allows complex clear of all mentioned wastewater. A prerequisite is the availability of domestic wastewater. According to SNiP 2.04.03-85, together with the household sewage treatment of industrial waste water and rainwater permitted. Connectштп to a central sewage system, even if possible, is impractical. Application of plants BIOTAL can avoid costly systems for waste water treatment, and clean all the drains at the plant BIOTAL in biological way, without any coagulants and sorbents. At the same time setting serves domestic waste water and in storm-water inlets, designed to receive the first 20 minutes of rain, a submersible pump installed uniformly in the plant metering volley of rain runoff. Rainwater runoff containing petroleum products, purified with household runoff, while at 1 mg/l of oil has to be 7 mg/l BODfull of household waste (A.L. Matsnev. Wastewater in the industry. – Lvov: Vishcha shkola – 1986. – p.137-138).


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